SRL - Simple Regex Language
Regular Expressions Made Simple

Thank You for Contributing!

First of all: You're awesome! If you want to contribute anything to this project, we're really happy about it. Don't worry if you don't know what's to do and how to help. There are plenty of possibilities to do so:

Getting Connected

Communication is key. To stay connected with the SRL team, you can request to access our Slack team.

If you're interested in communicating with the developers on there, drop me a line and I'll add you to the team as soon as possible.

Reporting Bugs

Nothing is perfect. Especially software that is in beta. And since this project is pretty new, we are happy to see as many bug reports as possible, to provide sophisticated and well-tested software in the future.

So, if you find any bugs in the query builder, syntax or even typos on the website, don't hesitate! Visit the corresponding GitHub project and raise an issue right now.

Making Our Life Easier

If you want to report a bug concerning the SRL itself, please take a second and read through the following steps which help us to quickly address the issue:

Spreading the Word

That's my favorite part. If you think this project is cool, but you don't have any time to contribute in some other way, sharing this page to other developers would be awesome.

The more people get to know SRL, the better it gets. Make it big by investing one minute of your time to share it on your favorite social network. Or all of them?

Writing Tests

If you haven't found a bug, you can always provide tests for either existing bugs found on the GitHub Issues section, or just complex expressions that you feel like need to be tested.

To write tests for SRL, you don't have to know any programming language. Just have a look at this syntax. You can find a description of how .rule-files should look like to be compatible test cases. When done, just open a pull request containing the new file and you're done.

Implementing SRL In a New Language

Currently, SRL is available for PHP, JavaScript, Python and Ruby. That's great, but it would be much cooler if it were available for languages like Java, C# and any other language as well.

And people are already on it. Check out the official organisation on GitHub for a current status.

If you know one of these languages and feel like you've got some free time, go ahead and request access to one or some of the repositories. To make sure your implementation works, you can parse the .rule-files described above to build tests for it to confirm it's compatible to the current implementation.